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How can I pay for a course when I am already struggling to keep up?
If you have this concern, then you are the EXACT reason we built this platform. We built it to help YOU! If you practice what you learn in the lessons, track what you spend, change your spending habits, dig-in to your current fixed expenses and find where you can save money - you will come out more ahead than the original course fee investment. If you pay the Money101.Fitness Course fee with a credit card, and if you immediately referred 3 people that enrolled, you will recover the entire course fee and more before your credit card bill is due! In business, that is what we call a positive cash business model. Speaking of business models - once you've recovered your course fee back, think about the Money101 Fitness Course as a free "product" for you to now "sell" on-line! You have an unlimited supply of the "product" and you can sell as many as you'd like without having to purchase any inventory.
How do I earn my $30 Cash Back for each person I send to Money101.Fit?
Simply give your friends, family, and social media contacts your referral code or your referral link. When they pay the Course fee and enroll in the course, you can get your $30 cash-back direct-deposited into your bank account within 7-10 business days. As your referrals step through the course, we hope you will encourage them to finish the course so they can truly realize the financial literacy benefits of what we have created. It could change some people’s lives forever!
How long will it take to complete the 6 Lessons in the Money101 Fitness Course?
The Money101.Fitness Course is a self-paced course. The free Course Preview and each lesson consists of two to three short videos. Even though you could watch all lesson videos in under an hour, we don’t encourage you to do so as there are things we ask you do in each video. To maximize the impact of these lessons on your Financial Fitness and your life, you need time to speak with your trusted Money101.Fitness Partner that you choose in Lesson 1 to help keep you motivated to complete all the lessons. Each video and lesson will have the maximum long-term impact if you: 1) spend time discussing the principles with someone else, 2) Complete all the tasks in each lesson, and 3) Share your financial goals and action items with your Money101.Fitness Partner and OTHERS! In reality, it will take months for you to see the financial benefits of consistently practicing the critical money-management principles you learn and to adjust your spending habits.
How fast can I start getting cash back?
After someone you refer successfuly enrolls in the Money101 Fitness Course, you will be contacted and asked how you would like to receive your cash-back and then you should see your Cash-Back Payments hitting your bank account within 7-10 business days. It’s extremely important that the people you refer use your personalized referral code or referral link when they enroll so you get credit and get your cash!
Why should I pay for an on-line course about how to money-management when I can watch YouTube Videos and go through other programs on-line for free? That seems to go against money-saving principles.
Feel free to use all the free resources on the Internet you want. You will need some of those resources, the free apps, the free templates, and tools that work best for you! You are paying Money101 Fitness to see results! We use an Accountability Model to teach you and to help you change your spending behavior and habits! The different spending decisions you make and the amount of money you put towards your long-term financial goals will ultimately far exceed what you pay for this course. The principles you learn and the habit changes you make can have a positive effect on your life forever. If that isn’t worth paying for, remember that just by paying and enrolling in the course, you are given an unlimited opportunity to earn $30 cash back for every person you refer that enrolls in the course too! You could have your whole course fee paid back and even be money ahead before you finish the first lesson! There is no limit to the number of referral cash-back payments you can receive!
What is my Risk enrolling in the Money101 Fitness Course?
There is no risk... only a Return On Your Investment. OK, obviously your biggest risk is that you pay the enrollment fee and you do nothing with your membership or don't do what you are asked to do in the lessons. As you follow the principles in the course, set goals, and stick to the savings and spending plan you create, you will ultimately save more than the enrollment fee hundreds of times over. If that Return On Your Investment isn't enough, Money101 Fitness is giving you the ability to make as much money as you want through the referral cash back program – it's up to you to share this program with others to help them step on to their new financial path.
How do I earn extra income?
Simple... First, enroll in the course. You will NEVER pay anything again, EVER! And there are NO MONTHLY or ANUUAL FEES to qualify to earn extra income. You are qualified for life! When you enroll, you create a personal referral code and personal referral link that you send and share with others – then Money101 Fitness does the rest! After people enroll in the course using your link or referral code, you will receive your cash-back within 7-10 business days.
Looking for Something to "Sell On-line"
How often can you find something to "sell on-line" that doesn't cost anything to you, there is no inventory to buy, no minimum selling requirements, and you earn nearly a 40% margin?…hardly ever! To "Sell" the Money101 Fitness Course, your only cost is the ONE-TIME enrollment fee, and then you are qualified to "Sell" the Money101 Fitness Course. No monthly fees. No inventory to buy. No minimum quotas. Simply use your Personal Referral Link on you website, blogs, vlogs, social media accounts, advertisements, billboards, ads, banner ads, fliers, business cards….whatever! When someone uses your link to enroll, the Money101 Fitness platform takes care of everything for you. 

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