Transforming Financial Futures

Whether you are worried about your future income, your income has been reduced, or your income has disappeared - YOU STILL MUST PLAN FOR THE FUTURE.…Many people didn't have a budget or spending plan before the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, and many still don't have a plan now. Our mission is to teach people some basic principles of money-management, goal-setting, and budgeting so they can have more CONTROL and have a solid PLAN for the future.
Your future financial fitness begins by completing the six video-based on-line lessons at your own pace on your own schedule....and there are no quizzes or tests. Feel free to watch all lesson videos first, then go back through them again and complete the tasks that will be most helpful for you!
Money101 Fitness has a solution for three major problems: First, most people don't have a Budget or Spending Plan which critical to have during good times and bad times, Second, most people need a way to earn some extra money during good times and especially during bad times, and Third, most people have a sincere desire to help others. The Money101 Fitness Program is designed to address all of those problems.
AS YOUR GUIDE, Money101 Fitness will help you plan, set goals for success, and step onto a path that develops habits that leads to your own Secure and Bright Financial Future.
"THE MONEY101 FITNESS STORY"...Written by the Founder
(July 2022) Because of high fuel prices, increased food prices, and the cost of living in 2022, Money101 Fitness is more important now than ever! Large retail chains are dumping large ticket items and cancelling their supplier orders because consumers can't afford them. Restaurants are seeing fewer people eat out. And consumer confidence is as low as it has been in decades. It is for times like this that the Money101 Fitness course was created. The principles learned in this course are timeless and are import for all to master so they can be prepared for tough times. We hope people will embrace these principles and pay it forward by referring others to the enroll and take the course. After referring 3 people who enroll, the course has been paid for and you are ahead. Good luck and enjoy!

(March 2020) Due to the National and Global Pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the economic world literally changed over night this month and as of this writing continues to change, sometimes hour-by-hour. I now know why I was so compelled to create this curriculum last year - it was for times like this when people need to understand basic money-management principles and to work with others to create a plan. If people do not have a spending plan, whether they have money in savings or not, their situation will get worse. People all around me are feeling the economic pressures. My technology business is suffering because our supply channels have been disrupted, my wife no longer gets her part-time hours at the elementary school, my 18-yr old son isn't getting hours working at the golf course, my nephew has a food-truck business that has been impacted, a close friend who is a chiroprator isn't going to be able to cover his overhead and pay his employees next month because of all the patient cancellations, a college buddy and cousin who are dentists have had to follow state orders to shut down their offices except for emergency procedures and they won't be able to keep their staff paid and working, and the list goes on and on......I pray people will review and share the principles in these lessons we have created. I also pray people may be able to earn some extra cash during these tough times by sharing this course. It was truly created to HELP people. Good luck and God Bless you all. -Matt Brady

Original Message Written 2019:

Over the years when I would travel for work and fly over heavily populated areas, I often thought of the millions of people below and would ask myself: “How many of those people are experiencing financial pressures and frustrations?" and "How many of those people are worried about their financial futures?”
Statistics show that nearly everybody feels the pressures, frustrations, and concerns for their financial future. Because of this, I've always wanted to leverage my business, accounting, financial, and tech experience to create something that could have a positive financial impact for individuals, families and society.
A couple of years ago, my wife and I were encouraged to attend a church-sponsored 12-week “Personal Finance, Self-Reliance Course”. This course inspired us to change! My wife and I religiously started tracking our expenses and started communicating about our finances like we had never done before in our 25-years of marriage. We became very strict budgeters and we saw AMAZING RESULTS! We continue to live by a strict personal and family budget today. At times, budgeting and tracking may feel annoying, but it always keeps us in check! My wife often says how empowered she feels to know exactly what she CAN in our different budget categories.
After the 12-week course was over, I frequently thought of the millions of people in our country that needed financial guidance and help, but also needed an easier course to access and complete. Then, by coincidence, while doing market reseach in the financial tech and banking industries, I discovered a market niche and consumer need for a more accessible and easier financial literacy course. As a result, I ultimately defined requirements for a financial literacy platform that could have a big and fast impact for as many people as possible. Here were the requirements:
  1. People needed a course that they could do privately and conveniently at their own pace.
  2. People needed a course that would employ an Accountability Model to encourage them to CHANGE their behaviors, and then see RESULTS.
  3. People needed to be taught within a model where someone they trusted could continually encourge and motivate them to reach their financial goals.
  4. People needed a course that taught solid concepts and could potentially change their financial lives forever.
  5. People needed something to motivate them to share the concepts learned with others to reinforce within themselves the principles they were taught.
  6. And People needed a program that could literally put extra money into their bank accounts if they are serious about changing.
..........After pulling all these course and program requirements together, the Money101 Fitness Course and Income Model was born!
We are excited that you are participating, or are considering participating, in the Money101 Fitness Program! We have spent a TON of time, effort, and money creating the platform, writing the curriculum, producing the lessons, and making sure the cash-back program works securely for you. We encourage you to do all that you are asked to do in the lessons. We hope you work frequently with your Money101 Fitness Partner. We hope you set and achieve many goals. We are excited to hear back how you change your spending behavior and create new positive spending habits. We hope you HAVE FUN achieving your lifestyle goals! And we encourage you to ALWAYS remember to pay-it-forward by helping others around you by sharing your transformation story.
-Matt Brady, Founder
Please Note: In the Money101 Fitness Lessons and Marketing Videos, we use real stories of people we know. To protect their identitiy Money101 Fitness has changed the names of these people and used stock photos, legally purchased from, to tell the stories to inspire people to change their spending habits and their financial situation. We also want to acknowledge from where we downloaded free music to use in our marketing and lesson videos.